An overview of the APCOA PARKING business sectors:


Airport Parking

Airport parking garages are characterised by a very high flow of vehicles and a great variety of requests, from parking areas for long and brief stays to commercial parking areas and for those accompanying the travellers. This leads to very complex management requirements for parking areas.


City Centre Parking

Today, being part of city life means living and working in the city, going into the centre to shop, using pedestrian areas, visiting cultural centres and the attractive areas of the town, tasting the wine and food specialities, organising entertainment evenings in restaurants and squares, going to the theatre.

Clean and well-looked after parking areas right in the centre of the city are fundamental in order to experience city life in comfort and keep it attractive.


Shopping Centre Parking

Modern shopping centres attract demanding crowds of visitors. The absence of large, well-organised parkings would not allow shopping centres to achieve lasting success.
In this field the main responsibility is the management of the various peak times, the need for policy structures, flexible rates with facilities for clients of the centre, and the need to set up welcome areas for users.


Fair/Event Parking

The success of trade fairs, events and conferences is closely linked to the efficiency and flexibility of the management systems of the parking areas.
At peak times the main task is guaranteeing that traffic flow is directed smoothly towards the entrances and exits without creating traffic jams and without forcing drivers to experience long waits.


Hotel Parking

The car park of a Hotel is its visiting card. Domestic and international guests are expected efficient and comfortable parking facilities.
The prestige of a Hotel is also given on the quality of the car park which houses the cars of its customers and APCOA PARKING is the best operator to guarantee high levels of quality and efficiency.


Park&Ride Station Parking

APCOA PARKING combines individual and local public transport with environmentally-friendly concepts in 126 European locations. Parking at train stations becomes a dynamic part of a journey under the concept of "seamless travel".


Hospital Parking

Patients and their friends and families using the emergency rooms, hospital staff and suppliers all expect hospital management to guarantee a correct organisation of parking areas.
The management of parking areas serving a hospital is often rather difficult due to financial constraints, planning and available staff. APCOA PARKING stands out due to its ability to privide additional sources of income through the system of rates studied specifically for each type of user.



The comprehensive portfolio of services from APCOA PARKING Park & Guard is the leading concept of management of private and public parking spaces. For car park owners Park & Guard is the guarantee that the desired use and storage conditions are actually being complied with.

The advantages of Park&Guard:

  • Satisfaction of the car park owner
  • Satisfaction of the car park customers
  • Sustainability
  • Parking space monitoring
  • Increased parking frequency


On-street Parking

In regard to street parking along city streets, APCOA PARKING is responsible for the complete management of the service: from installation, supervision and maintenance of parking meters, to the organization of payment procedures, checking of parking times with the services of “auxiliary traffic officers” to the forced removal of vehicles.