From 18 December 2018 APCOA FLOW can also be used by all users who benefit from discounted parking fees in the Municipality of Mondovì, through the appropriate codes to be included in the APP that allow the application of the above rates, reserved for holders of the relevant passes (residents, family members, business owners and employees).

What are the codes?

The benefits are reserved for holders of residents PASS, family members, business owners and employees.
The promo codes and related conditions of use are shown in the table below.

How are the codes used?

Using promo codes is simple. Follow the instructions below to apply the benefit reserved for you in a few simple steps.


Select the area

Select the area you wish to park in and press the "START SESSION" button


Change the promo code

Open the appropriate section to change the promotional code to use


3. E
nter the code

Enter the new promotional code and press the "APPLY" button


Spin the wheel!

Turn the wheel and start to park using the benefits