APCOA PARKING has a very flat corporate structure. The management style is characterized by honesty and cooperativeness. Open minds and improvement proposals are always welcome and will be realized if possible.

Personal development of skills and accomplishments are required of our staff. We benefit our staff of their qualifications and efficiency. Everybody in our team conduces to success of the company with their efforts. We think and act in terms of continiously improvement and innovations and we like to break fresh ground.

APCOA PARKING offers a wide range of duties. We employ parking garage supervisors, cashiers, cleaners, team leaders, technicians and area managers for a customer-oriented service to our parking facilities throughout Italy. In our headquarter we also train office administrators.

At APCOA Parking we are proud of the fact that many of our senior people started with us at a junior level. We’re also proud that our employees come from all social, racial and ethnic backgrounds. The parking business can be tough, and it is often contentious, however the qualities which our people bring to APCOA make working here a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.

If you come to work at APCOA, we will train you properly, put you to work within a team of good people, and we will encourage you to make a career with us and do well.