APCOA launches electronic payment in Verona, Bologna, Bari Airport, Milano, Genova, Torino and Mestre through Telepass

From now on without any additional cost it’s possible for Telepass clients to pay APCOA park sites Cittadella in Verona, VIII Agosto and Riva Reno in Bologna, Bari Airport, Mascagni and Majno in Milano, Genova Multistorey and Genova Surface, Goito and Toschi in Parma, Filiberto, Palazzo and Stati Uniti in Torino, Mestre Hospital through their Telepass transponder.

Using dedicated entrace/exit telepass, customers can:


  • Get in/out the park without taking any ticket, avoiding any cue
  • Pay parking tariffs directly on their Telepass account, without having to pass through any cash machine
  • Use their transponder instead of their subscription or prepayed card


How to ask for a bill?

If you are a Telepass client with Viacard you will receive automatically the bill on your account.

If you are a Telepass Family cliente it’s possible to ask for a bill before parking through:


  • Telepass Club on www.telepass.it
  • Punto Blu
  • Fax: +39 055.420.23.73 or +39  055.420.27.34
  • Call Center: 840.043.043
  • Mail to Telepass S.p.A – Customer Care – Casella postale 2310 Succursale 39 – 50123 Firenze